In his films as well as his clinical therapy practice, Hart integrates mindfulness with existential philosophy – the belief that individuals have the capacity to develop meaning in their lives through life’s inherent challenges. Hart originally formed Digital Tapestries in response to serving the diverse needs of his clients through interactive books and films. Each of Digital Tapestries’ productions encourages participants to reach beyond a surface level response to discover their own humanistic strengths.Hart’s unique approach is derived from his life experiences. After personally facing depression and the confusion it causes, he was inspired to explore artistic ways to engage others. Also by drawing on the years he lived in Japan, Hart incorporates aspects of Eastern philosophy into his aesthetic style.

A native of Chicago, Hart grew up in a creative environment, including his artistic mother and father. He cites Charlie Chaplin as one of his sources of cinematic inspirations.

“Like Chaplin, I try to artistically expose the trials of everyday people within often austere social and political contexts. At the same time, I try to gracefully blend touches of humor into narratives providing rich moments of contemplation,” Hart said. “I am always exploring ways for viewers to find something reflective and joyful that they can bring to their daily lives within our contemporary social landscapes.”


Hart Ginsburg works in healthcare as a psychotherapist and clinical manager, in the provision of mental health services focusing on existential and Rogerian approaches. Outside of psychotherapy, Hart is also involved in documentary and book projects, concerning contemporary challenges of the human condition. In terms of artistic influences, there are too many to list, but here are a few: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Maya Lin, Dororthea Lange, Ernst Haas, Tadao Ando, Harry Callahan, and Andrea Ginsburg.


As mere mortal, Adrian Galli began his life in this world in Cincinnati, Ohio. Immediately he was not content with living in just this Universe, however, so his mind and adventures with others began at an early age when imagination took him though space and time; creating stories and totalities of his own.

Having left his hometown only weeks after graduating high school, he moved where he found a realm of exciting possibilities attending Columbia College Chicago for directing and producing. His imagination was given a chance to come alive not just on a written page or in his mind but in films and television; a window to view these creations and others’ as a reality. Adrian, traveled around the world working on documentaries, narratives, photography, and other creative efforts, seeing no story as unworthy but a chance to give life to something that moments before did not exist or was undiscovered.

Today he brings his experience to Digital Tapestries; spirited creativity, insatiable curiosity and unique perspective on media to exciting films to share with his audiences, showing a universe no one knew existed.


Public Relations Manager
Kimyo Naka is the founder of KCommunications, LLC, a Chicago-based boutique public relations agency, which provides businesses, non-profits and artists public relations, marketing and branding consulting services. Through strategic communications, KCommuncations works closely with its clients to identify what will become news, working collaboratively to create stories and trends to enhance clients’ brand recognition and values. Kimiyo’s strategy is to serve as her clients’ advocate while cultivating long-term relationships with media professionals and business partners.


Creative Designer
Mayuko has spent her career developing innovative digital and print designs as well as web sites for clients across a broad range of industries. She very much enjoys working with ambitious and creative individuals like Digital Tapestries and helps them to achieve goals through forward-thinking designs and strategies. As a native Japanese living in Chicago, she is enthusiastic about networking with like minded individuals and enjoys introducing Japanese culture to people in Chicagoland.